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The Rubber Gym Flooring is perfect for general gym areas and functional training areas where lighter weights and kettle bells may be dropped. Commercial Rubber Tile offer excellent durability, performance and easy installation with no need for any nasty smelling glues or adhesives. The Rubber gym tile non-slip surface meets standards while being easy to clean, maintain and is the best flooring solution for years of commercial use. Commercial Rubber Tiles are made from recycled rubber scrap tires.

Rubber Flooring Specs:

§  Standard Size:1m x 1m x 15mm (1 tile = 1 Square Metre)

§  Available Size:500x500mm; 1000x1000mm with thickness 10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,…50mm

§  Bevelled Edges

§  Tile Colour: Black with 10% EPDM Fleck

§  Popular Colors: Plain Black, Black with Blue, Black with white, Black with red, Black yellow.ct

§  Tile Material: Made from 100% recycled and eco-friendly rubber.

§  Tile Weight: 13.8kg

§  High Density: 930kg/m3

§  Base layer: all fine rubber granules

§  Surface Layer: Surface layer fine rubber granules with 10% EPDM fleck

§  Floor Hardness: is 60+/-5 ShA

§  Available in a range of vibrant colors, textures and designs.

Rubber Tile Performance:

§  Rubber mats can be used for indoor and outdoor conditions.

§  Suitable for Home and Commercial Rubber Flooring

§  Resistance to chemicals: good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Contact with oils and hydrocarbons are not advisable and will damage the floor tiles.

§  Easy Cleaning: Vacuum on general setting, then lightly mop with a micro fibre mop and water mixed with a ph neutral cleaner. Do not flood the floor with water.

§  Easy Installation: Simply lay each rubber tile on a flat surface, no need for any nasty glues or adhesives due to the heavy individual weight of each tile

§  Tools Required for Fitting: Stanley knife, Rubber Hammer

§  Slip Resistant – High-density rubber compounds with a low mesh count for slip resistance even when wet!

§  Non-toxic, Non-Odour - Beware of cheaper economy floor tiles!

§  Shock-absorbent - Reduces noise and vibrations, Ideal for high impact uses. Allows for great under foot cushioning when working out in gym conditions or for use in children’s playgrounds

§  Rubber Tiles are stain resistant and easily maintained for long term commercial use

§  Fire retardant/ Lab safety tested



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