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Gym Roll Mat

Rubber Rolls Mat Description:

Gym rubber rolls flooring are one of the best flooring materials available for dog daycare facilities and pet kennels. They are non-porous and allow accidents to be cleaned up easily. They offer very few seams which is also beneficial in cleaning up after pets. They can be temporarily adhered to wood, concrete or tile floors with rubber flooring tape or permanently installed using a liquid urethane adhesive.



Technical specification:

  • Model No.: FST0309
  • Material: 10% EPDM rubber granules and recycled rubber granules
  • Dimensions:1.22mX10m
  • Thickness: 6mm; 8mm; 10mm;
  • Density: 825kg/m³
  • Weight: KG
  • Hardness:70HA
  • Color : Plain Black

       Black with Blue Fleck

       Black with Grey Fleck

       Black with Red Fleck

       Black with Yellow Fleck

       Black with Green Fleck

       Can be customized

·         Package: Warped with plastic film

  • Lead Time: 10-30 days depends on the quantity
  • Certifications: SGS Fire Rating certificates

             Europe Standard EN1177




Typical Applications

  • Weight rooms, Exercise areas
  • Performance training areas
  • Great for home gyms
  • Bulk discounts apply on large orders
  • Fitness center
  • Playground
  • Roof garden, Pathway
  • Residential Area
  • Light Commercial Gyms and Fitness Studios
  • Home Gyms
  • Dog Daycare Facilities
  • Military Bases
  • Golf Courses
  • School
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Work areas
  • Decks
  • Boats



Rolls Mat Advantages:


This type of rubber flooring is characterized by high abrasion resistance, good fall protection, high durability and aesthetically attractive design. In general, however, it is distinguished by such advantages:


1. Environmental friendliness. Rubber is non-toxic and does not release any harmful substances in the air. 


2. Nontoxic and harmless, lead content achieves the North America Standard.


3. Interlocking design, easy to install and maintenance-Simply lay each rubber tile on a flat surface, no need for any glue; also has an attractive appearance


4. The surface also has an anti-slip property. This reduces the risk of injuries on wet surfaces.


5. High level of strength and durability, it is resistant to direct sunlight and temperature changes


6. The rubber also has high elasticity, pleasant, elastic feel when walking, just like on forest floor, Reducing noise and vibration


7. The material does not shrink. After installation and during use, the floor retains its dimensions.


8. Easy to clean, water-permeable and quick to dry, tile underside facilitates drainage


9. High Density, stably quality


10. SGS Product Tested


Rubber Tiles FAQ:

§  Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

§  A: We are factory.


§  Q: How long is your delivery time?

§  A: Generally it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 7-15 days if the goods are not in stock, It depends on your order quantity for customized color.


§  Q: Can you supply samples?

§  A: Yes, we offer free samples.


§  Q: What is your delivery port?

§  A: Any Chinese Main Port is ok. But the nearest port is Qingdao Port.


§  Q: Do you provide OEM service?

§  A: Yes we provide OEM service. As the manufacturer, we can open mould to produce any plastic products according to your sample or drawing.


§  Q: What is your warranty time?

§  A: Our warranty time for common product is 2years.

§  Any question about the quality, we promise to send new product for replacement.



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